Dalmatia, Croatia’s southernmost province. Historically called by the natives “Delmatae”.

Throughout the centuries it became the center of specific kulturei Mediterranean lifestyle.

It is recognizable Dalmatia by untouched nature and clear sea, idyllic beaches, vibrant colors of vegetation, friendly and relaxed residents … And of course … its multitude of discovered and undiscovered locations where people have for centuries built their stone houses, churches and the fishing port.

In the Dalmatian sea, is almost 1000 islands, endless beaches and secluded coves.

The beauty of the Dalmatian cities, islands, beaches difficult to describe in words and describe their specialty.

Dalmatian hinterland or the inner part of Dalmatia offers unspoiled and untouched nature, full of drinking water sources, fertile fields, stone castles and towers from which you can read out the historical significance of this region.

Certainly posjetire stone town Imotski and its Blue and Red Lake, the river Cetina, Mausoleum …